Construction Loans

What is a Construction Loan?

Construction mortgage loans are a group of products that help borrowers do work on their home.  Whether that work is a ground-up build, a major renovation, or cosmetic touch-ups, we have renovation products that meet your needs.

MasonMac has a strong history of construction lending, even having a builder division  to help assist clients buy homes  that have yet to be constructed.

Thinking of home renovations?  MasonMac also offers construction mortgage loans to help home owners perform renovations on their property, and for home buyers to make that new house their home.  Whether the renovations are simple fixes and updates, or major overhauls, Mason-McDuffie's construction mortgage products meet our borrower's needs.

Construction Mortgage Loan FAQ

Do Construction Loans Cover Appliances?

Many construction loans cover appliances.  In some cases (from ground-up construction, for example), appliances will be included in the in the price of the completed home.  We base our loan amount on a percentage of that sales price.

In other cases (especially with renovation loans), there are programs that will help home owners and buyers finance appliances that improve a home's energy efficiency.

How to Construction Loans Work?

Construction loans "work" in a lot of different ways depending on the loan type, but the idea behind most of them is a lender sets aside funds based on an "as completed" value of a property.  In order to confirm that "as completed" value, they need builder specs and plans, or in the case of a renovation, contractor quotes to show the cost of the work and to have the appraiser learn what the property will be like once the work is done.

Some loans allow for "draws" where contractors or builders are paid during the construction phase, with the final loan coming into play upon completion of the property.

How Do I Get a PreApproval For a Construction Mortgage?

The same as any loan - it starts with talking with one of our experts and letting us know what you're looking for.  If you're looking for a construction loan from the ground up, we just need to pre-approve you based on your estimated final purchase price, and we can fill you in on all the details you'll need for a seamless loan process.



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