Can I Buy a Home If I Have Debt?

You can get a mortgage loan even with student loan, auto, credit card, or other debt

Can I Buy a Home With Debt?   When it comes to buying a home, many people are concerned with their debts.  Headlines frequently discuss student loan debt, and how it holds people back from home ownership – particularly the millenial generation.  Another easy “fact” to find online is that lenders want your total debt,…

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How Home Ownership Builds Wealth

Real Estate Wealth

“Home Ownership is the key to building wealth”   Have you heard this before?  A lot of people have heard this phrase, or some rendition of it, and it usually comes from a lender or real estate agent.  What usually isn’t communicated as well is HOW home ownership builds wealth.  HOW, through buying and holding…

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What is a No Closing Cost Refinance

A No Closing Cost Refinance can allow you to save money monthly without costing you dollars or equity

Rate is the one word that comes up perhaps more than any other when shopping for a mortgage loan.  The second most frequent topic of discussion is on closing costs – the dollar amount it takes to get a mortgage done.  There’s an appraiser that needs to be paid, underwriters that need a paycheck, and…

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What Would a Recession Mean for Housing?

Markets and Economy

The “R” Word   It’s come up a lot recently.  With unemployment at or near all time lows, a stock market rally that’s defied all odds for longer than history says it should have, and the Fed looking at potentially reversing monetary policy, it looks like our next recession is more a matter of when,…

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How Much Money Do I Need for a Mortgage Down Payment

MasonMac offers many low and no down payment mortgage options

What Mortgage Options Are Available With Less Than 20% Down Payment? One of the biggest mortgage misconceptions is how much money is needed as a down payment when purchasing a new home.   One rumor that won’t  die is that to buy a home, you need a large down payment.  So many people believe they need 20% down…

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Does Experian Boost Work?

Does Experian Boost Work?

  Experian, one of the 3 major credit bureaus, has recently rolled out a marketing campaign to highlight their ‘Boost’ product – one which a customer can use to report accounts that traditionally do not get reported to the credit bureaus, to increase their credit scores.   Sounds great, right?   Well to see a…

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