The Renovation Mortgage is the Key to Your Dream Home

Renovation mortgage loans offer home buyers an edge in getting a house and turning it into a home - often at a great price!

We realize that at the time this is posted, we’re seeing severe shortages of home inventory in most markets across the country.  Homes are priced extremely high, and in the rare occasion that a well-priced, move in ready home hits the market, it’s often not long before multiple bids come in, driving that once reasonable…

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Is It Smart to Refinance Your Home?

Is it smart to refinance your home?  As with most things mortgage-related, it depends on your individual scenario.

“Yes!  Of course!  Immediately!”, said the mortgage company…   While as a mortgage company we certainly have skin in the game when it comes to refinancing, transparency is also the name of our game, and we want you to know the truth to the question “is it smart to refinance my home?”.  And that truth…

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Richmond Virginia Mortgage Client Appreciation Party

River City Roll hosted Mason-McDuffie Mortgage's Virginia team for their client appreciation party

On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, Mason-McDuffie’s Richmond Virginia branch held a client appreciation party to gather with and thank their clientele.  The event was held at Richmond’s River City Roll ( venue and offered a ton of fun for clients and their families.  The patio was packed with clients and their families along with MasonMac team…

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What the Fed Rate Cut Means to You

The Fed rate cut is a small piece of the big economic picture, but it does NOT have an immediate impact on mortgage rates as many people believe

The Fed has once again cut rates, this time by .25% – so what does this mean for you?     Well, the Fed funds rate is the rate banks borrow from each other.  When the rate is cut, it is done to help stimulate the economy and increase inflation.  The Fed funds rate is…

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Buying a House with No Down Payment

A down payment should't block your home ownership dreams

Home values have risen substantially over the past several years and are expected to continue that trend, at least short term.  That means that for many individuals and family, the largest hurdle to home ownership is coming up with a down payment.  Conventional loans typically come with a 3% down payment requirement, and FHA loans…

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The Best Mortgage Term for You

MasonMac offers mortgage terms that fit any client's needs.  More options mean better planning.

Is the 30 year fixed rate mortgage the best loan?  Yes!  Is the 15 year fixed rate mortgage the best loan?  Yes!  Is the 10 year mortgage the greatest of loans?  Yes!   How can all 3 of these loan terms be the best?  Well, they’re all the best option for different people.  At MasonMac,…

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VA Mortgage Loans Getting More Restrictive

The VA Mortgage loan program offers one of the best loan products for eligible Veterans

Predatory lending.  Churning.  Taking advantage of borrowers.  These are words and phrases that should be only distant memories of the pre-housing crash mortgage market of the early 2000s.  Unfortunately though, they’ve all been brought up in today’s marketplace as well, specifically when it comes to VA mortgage loans and recent actions taken by Ginnie Mae…

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Did the Fed Lower the Interest Rate?

Does the Fed affect mortgage rates?

Today it’s anticipated that the federal reserve will cut rates by a margin of .25 to the Fed funds rate.  What does that mean?  Well, the Fed funds rate is the rate which banks borrow from each other in the federal reserve system.  When the Fed cuts rates, it’s usually to stimulate the economy by…

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Mortgages for Millennials

Mortgages for millennials

Is there a mortgage program for millennials?  With all of the headlines, media quotes, and information out there, you would think mortgages for millennials would incorporate a slew of products, programs, educational courses, and more.  The reality, though, is far less fancy.   While there are a ton of mortgages for millennials, the programs available…

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