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The Best Mortgage Term for You

MasonMac offers mortgage terms that fit any client's needs.  More options mean better planning.

Is the 30 year fixed rate mortgage the best loan?  Yes!  Is the 15 year fixed rate mortgage the best loan?  Yes!  Is the 10 year mortgage the greatest of loans?  Yes!   How can all 3 of these loan terms be the best?  Well, they’re all the best option for different people.  At MasonMac,…

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How To Get the Best Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates vary a lot, but there are things you can do to make sure you get a great rate!

Mortgage rates have gotten a lot of airtime in the media recently.  Currently near all-time lows, many people are shopping for a new mortgage right now, and rightly so!  With the opportunity to reduce monthly payments, access equity to pay other bills or complete renovations, or reduce a loan term, it’s a great time to…

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The Shift to a 45 Day Home Buying Process

A 45 day contract period will assure a stress free transaction and allow some breathing room for market-driven delays

Buying a home?  Want some advice that’ll save you a ton of stress and make the home buying process more enjoyable?  Make your contract date longer than 45 days.  Your agent doesn’t think that’s possible?  Send them this blog : )   The mortgage industry is currently in the middle of a business boom due…

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VA Mortgage Loans Getting More Restrictive

The VA Mortgage loan program offers one of the best loan products for eligible Veterans

Predatory lending.  Churning.  Taking advantage of borrowers.  These are words and phrases that should be only distant memories of the pre-housing crash mortgage market of the early 2000s.  Unfortunately though, they’ve all been brought up in today’s marketplace as well, specifically when it comes to VA mortgage loans and recent actions taken by Ginnie Mae…

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Mortgages for Millennials

Mortgages for millennials

Is there a mortgage program for millennials?  With all of the headlines, media quotes, and information out there, you would think mortgages for millennials would incorporate a slew of products, programs, educational courses, and more.  The reality, though, is far less fancy.   While there are a ton of mortgages for millennials, the programs available…

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What is a No Closing Cost Refinance

A No Closing Cost Refinance can allow you to save money monthly without costing you dollars or equity

Rate is the one word that comes up perhaps more than any other when shopping for a mortgage loan.  The second most frequent topic of discussion is on closing costs – the dollar amount it takes to get a mortgage done.  There’s an appraiser that needs to be paid, underwriters that need a paycheck, and…

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How Much Money Do I Need for a Mortgage Down Payment

MasonMac offers many low and no down payment mortgage options

What Mortgage Options Are Available With Less Than 20% Down Payment? One of the biggest mortgage misconceptions is how much money is needed as a down payment when purchasing a new home.   One rumor that won’t  die is that to buy a home, you need a large down payment.  So many people believe they need 20% down…

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