Mortgages for Millennials

Is there a mortgage program for millennials?  With all of the headlines, media quotes, and information out there, you would think mortgages for millennials would incorporate a slew of products, programs, educational courses, and more.  The reality, though, is far less fancy.


While there are a ton of mortgages for millennials, the programs available to this demographic are the same programs available to Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and any other generation buying or refinancing real estate.  Millennials, broadly defined as those born in the early 80s to the late 90s, are of the age where many take advantage of certain products more often than others.  For example, just based on age alone and being at the age of the typical first time home buyer, down payment assistance (DPA) programs, FHA financing, and certain other products are more prevalent for this generation.  But others are not excluded from obtaining the same type of financing.


Headlines focusing on millennials are often just working to capture web traffic by using the “M” word.  Take, for example, a recent headline that reads “refi rise sparked closing delay for millennials”, when in reality, the article references an increase in turn times across all products, with the result of delays for all products across all demographics.  In fact, the only reason the “M” word made the headline was to grab eyes.


"Millennials" is a term the real estate and mortgage industry uses to catch eyes and clicks, but what affects millennials is the same for all mortgage borrowers

“Millennials” is a term the real estate and mortgage industry uses to catch eyes and clicks, but what affects millennials is the same for all mortgage borrowers


If there aren’t specific mortgages for millennials, what should younger buyers look for when getting a mortgage loan?  Well, technology is dictating the speed at which things move, and the mortgage process is no different.  Younger borrowers tend to want a digital experience, and one that can work within a mobile environment – but this isn’t only a millennial desire.  People in general want things quickly, and operate primarily from their cell phones – across all ages.  Millennials in high priced markets often need some help with down payment assistance because home prices are high and down payment requirements can be restrictive – but again, first time buyer programs are available to all ages, not only millennials.


At MasonMac, we don’t have “mortgages for millennials” (neither does any other lender), but what we do have is a streamlined mortgage process, a digital experience, technology based systems that make things easy for borrowers to get a loan, and loan program options that meet the needs of all borrowers – down payment assistance programs, first time home buyer programs, Jumbo loans, reverse mortgages.  MasonMac is your home for all things mortgage.  If you’re looking for mortgages for millennials, ask one of our experts for help today, we’re here to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable throughout the process.



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